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  • Pregnancy Support and Education
  • One on One and Group Parenting classes
  • Mommy Merit Program 
  • Goals Program to promote Self sufficiency
  • Post Abortion Recovery

Find out how you can help PSC give hope and help to moms facing a challenging pregnancy


Each day we work to change lives, but we can not do this important work alone. We need your help. Our only support is from people like you who give in many ways to make a difference and build strong families right here at home.

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Pregnancy Support Center invites YOU to join us in our mission of serving moms and babies in our area. The need is great and together we can not only give moms hope for a bright future, save precious babies from abortion and help families in need with physical, emotional and spiritual guidance.  YOU will make a difference.  

Our Mission

Hope in Action


those in crisis

Serving women and babies born and unborn, in Dodge County by offering support, guidance and education in times of physical, emotional and spiritual need.

As instruments of our Lord Jesus Christ, we provide an environment of unconditional love with the utmost confidentiality for women and children in crisis.  

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  • Free Pregnancy testing
  • Options Counseling
  • Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Support
  • Material Support
  • Resources for outside help
  • Contraception Information

You can support us in a number of ways.

See our upcoming events and fundraisers .Get involved and see how you can help us to help others.

Pregnancy Support Center of Dodge County  has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for moms in challenging pregnancy situations in order to sanctify life and to provide the support needed to move from crisis to profound joy.

 Find out about us and  how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

Join us as we share our mission with you!.

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