Pregnancy Support Center of Dodge County is happy to announce new services ! 

Free Pregnancy Testing

Free STD Testing (coming soon) 

Free Lifesaving Ultrasound

Thank you Dr. Elizabeth Larson for becoming our Medical Director! 

Changing person at a time! 

We Need Your Help and Support! 

Medical Services  

Pregnancy Support Center can now offer it’s clients so much more!  The impact of the ultrasound is clear. Our loving  counselors provide one on one care to moms who are expecting. These moms are in a difficult situation and are facing  options that are life changing so our ability to offer ultrasound is vital! Now abortion vulnerable moms can see their baby and its precious heartbeat so she can make a well informed decision in a difficult situation.

We need your help today.….

Our expected launch of the first phase of our medical services is January 1st, 2017 is complete.  We are immediately beginning a Funding Campaign to bring these services to our location. We are raising $30,000  to fund our new ultrasound program and medical service program for the center. This will allow us to serve our clients in 2017 and set a foundation for years  to come.

Where else can  you make a life affirming difference in the world?

Give a gift today..Your donation is tax deductible...Give a one-time gift or help us sustain the mission by donating on a monthly basis......WE NEED YOU!